Director's Desk


The object of education is to prepare the young to rediscover and educate themselves for the rest of their lives. It is rightly pointed out by the great American writer philosopher 'Will Durant' that "Education is the progressive discovery of our own ignorance".

Education is essential for all of us and none can deny it. It is worthwhile to remember education never ends but grows and helps one to grow. It is a wrong notion in the minds of many, that education means passing out an examination and possessing a degree. It is rather the training of the mind to think and analyse. It should endeavour one to become a cultured person, who can distinguish the right from wrong, good from evil, truth from falsehood, beauty from ugliness and Godliness from Ungodliness.

As such the aim of education should be to teach us how to think rather than what to think.

It is unambiguous that education is for, developing our all our latent abilities. In eachof us, there is a private hope, vision and dream which, when realised and translated into action benefit the society around and the Nation as a whole. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of realization of their dreams.

With these objectives of education in mind, the Trustees of "Sri Muthumari Educational Trust" Karaikudi a group of likeminded philanthropists, with their endowments for the cause of education have founded several 'Excellent Educational Institutions' under the expert guidance of Dr. S. Subbiah.Thus they have set foot prints on the sands of time for others to follow suit.

The establishment of "Sri Raaja Raajan College of Engineering & Technology" an ambitious aspiration of the Trust, fast raising up with, well-designed palatial buildings, nicely equipped laboratories ,hostels etc. with conducive atmosphere for ideal & creative education will enthrone the Trust with a golden feather on their cap.

The enthusiastic and well qualified faculty members of the chronologically young "Sri Raaja Raajan College of Engineering & Technology" (SRRCET) under the stewardship of an energetic Principalare striving hard to leave no stones unturned to make this college as an 'Excellent Centre of Learning'.

For the faculty I would like to stress, that students, look back with appreciation the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude, to those who have touched their human feelings. The curriculum is a raw dry soil for the young students. The warmth of your love& milk of human kindness, are vital to water & nourish the young saplings to grow and bear fruits

I would like exhort the students of the college who enter this portal, to make the best use of the facilities and faculties and become perfect, Engineers, Technologists, Technocrats and above all True Citizens of the 'motherland' and be 'unique' as a role model for others.

The country engulfed with varying problems, badly needs your services of probityto become an advanced Nation in the World.

Remember and accept the statement of Dr.APJ Kalam, the 'great visionary and beacon of light of India' as a 'Maxim' in your life to builda powerful Mother India.

"Unless India stands up to the World, No one will Respect us in this World. Fear has no place, Only Strength Respects Strength".

With all good wishes. Prof. PSC Mouli ( Director)