Conduct of students of SRRCET is governed by the college policy, student's code of conduct and the applicable law of the state and the union. It is designed to promote the vision and mission of the college and to protect the rights of the students, faculty and staff harmoniously. The college grants the democratic privilege to the students with its obligations.The college encourages the cultivation of capacity for reasoning and innovation in the pursuit of knowledge with regard for rules as well as dignity and worth of the colleagues. The college policy encourages all around growth of personality, communication and ethical behavior through extra circular and co- circular activities. The student is obliged to comply with all rules, regulations and policies of the college and is obligated to disclose truth about the involvement in any disciplinary matter to the appropriate authority. This code is applicable equally to students in college, sponsored activities outside the college and to student groups or association. It will also prevail in the pending conduct matters even if the student leaves the college. The students will be provided expression of their views through representation in the policy making. Freedom of expression by word or symbol is also guaranteed as per Constitution of India subject to orderly and harmonious operation in the college.

I. General Conduct Rules

The following behaviors constitute violation of the general conduct rules and students who are responsible for it will be subject to disciplinary action.

1. Violation of college policy, rules and regulations.
2. Indecent conduct.
3. Disruption of regular college activities.
4. Threatening a person through unwanted conduct and intimidation causing reasonable fear for safety. 5. Theft and damage to the property of the college.
6. Public intoxication or possession of narcotics and other dangerous material causing public threats.
7. Falsification, forgery and providing misinformation.
8. Unauthorized access to the college property and using college property for unauthorized activities.
9. Gambling, stalking and sexual misconduct in the campus.
10. Filing complaints without basis intentionally.
11. Failure to attend the summons extended by the respective authorities.
12. Failure to comply with sanctions imposed on pending disciplinary violations of rules and orders.
13. Violation of rules and orders given by the Director from time to time according to the contingent situation.

The due procedure is in place in the college for resolving violation of general conduct matters including:

a) Reporting the incident.
b) Preliminary investigation of the incident by an appropriate authority.
c) Promoting the charges as needed, arrange an administrative meeting, notices and hearing as per due procedure, administrative action, interim action till final resolution is made.
d) Resolution by either mediation or disciplinary procedure.
e) Formal hearing as per legal procedure and sanctions imposed.

II. Code Of Conduct With Respect To Academic Honesty

1. The students are prohibited to engage in any activity which are not academically honorable and are violating the academic honesty.
2. Plagiarism namely presenting another person's work as one's own.
3. Cheating on examinations.
4. Unauthorized collaboration in academic work.
5. Falsification and fabrication of information in academic exercises.
6. Multiple submissions from the same document.


Procedure for reporting matters of academic dishonesty, production of proof, procedure for resolving issues and type of penalties to be imposed are established by the college including grievance procedures for the guilty person.

III. Code Of Conduct Regarding Behavior In The Classroom Or In Any other Learning Environment Authorized By The College The college prohibits all disruptive behavior in the classroom or learning environment including:

1. Making or receiving personal telephone calls.
2. Text messages during the class.
3. Verbal or physical threats in the class.
4. Inappropriate interference in classroom discussions, offensive expressions and excessive rudeness.
5. Excessive conversation in the class, leaving and entering the class frequently and disturbing movements in the class.


At the first instance such behavior may be tackled by the lecturers in private or by warning under intimation to the higher authorities or by detention outside the class as per procedures.
If the violations are of such nature are very serious, formal procedures may be followed including reporting, framing of charges, hearing and punishment etc.
Opportunity for appeal will also be available before making final decision.

IV. Code Of Conduct Regarding Discrimination

1. The college prohibits discrimination with respect to colour, sex, religion or disability either collectively or individually as per constitutional provisions of the Government of India
2. If any individual or group feels to be discriminated a complaint maybe filled individually or as a group, the charges will be investigated and proper redressal and procedure will be adopted including punishment of the DT.

V. Code Of Conduct With Regards To Alcohol and Drugs, Tobacco And Tobacco Products etc.

1. The college prohibits the possession, use, transaction or distribution of alcohol and alcoholic beverages, tobacco and tobacco products.
2. Events with alcohol are subject to the policy prescribed by the college.
3. The college prohibits the presence of drugs in the campus as directed by the Government of India.
4. The violation of the code of conduct in the case of drugs possession leads to disciplinary action not only by the college but also by the Government of India.

VI. Code Of Conduct With Regards To Sexual Misconduct

1. The college prohibits sexual misconduct of any nature and strives to end all types of sexual discrimination and misconduct in the campus.
2. Even consensual sexual contacts are prohibited at public level. Dating violence, domestic violence, any kind of sexual contacts, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, hazing and stalking etc. are banned in the campus.


Procedures for controlling offenses are placed at the administration level and government level.

VII. Code Of Conduct With Regards To Ragging Of Any Kind In The Campus

1. The college strictly prohibits ragging or hazing in the campus and
2. It is punishable as per the college law as well as the state and union law.


Procedures are in place for preventing ragging and punishing the guilty.

VIII. Code Of Conduct With Regards To Class Attendance

1. Each student has to take full responsibility for academic and intellectual growth and development.
2. The students are expected to maintain full attendance in the course as mentioned in session plan and the college insists of 100% attendance. Absence is excused only on the grounds of critical illness certified by authorized doctor.
3. The college insists that even in the above case also maximum absence cannot exceed 15%. No absence is excused for religious obligations or legal obligations unless approved by the highest authority.

IX. Code Of Conduct With Regards To Privacy Of Student Records

1. The college prohibits intrusion into the personal information of students by any unauthorized person.
2. The students are expected to give consent to inspect, verify and assess all educational qualifications, information and documents presented as pre-requisite for admission in line with the rules and establish its authenticity through authorized persons.


Verification procedures and disclosure of information, as per procedures for admission and attendance in the college.

X. Code Of Conduct With Regards To Student Association, Groups And Clubs In The Campus

1. The students will be given opportunity to pursue personality development activities through extra circular and co-circular activities, association and clubs etc. as per procedures after to setting their objectives, activities and conduct and procedures as provided by the appropriate authority.

2. Certain facilities will also be extended in such cases. Any violation of the agreement and rules will lead to withdrawal of permission and charter of this group.

XI. Code Of Conduct With Regards To Student Events

1. The students are permitted to arrange only college sponsored events even if the events are held under auspices of the permitted groups.
2. For such events the college will authorize resources partially or fully and ensure security, safety and control as required.

XII. Code Of Conduct With Regards To Use Of College Premises

1. The college campus maybe used by students association for postures, publicity, pamphlet distribution, speeches and public notices with permission from the college which will be regulated by the college rules and regulations regarding the matter.

XIII. Code Of Conduct With Regards To Use Of College Information System

1. The college information system can be used only by the authorized students selectively through the password issued by the institute.

XIV. Code Of Conduct With Regard To Interaction With Relatives In The Institute

1. The college does not encourage any advantage to the students through their personal relation or blood relation with either staff or faculty for their personal benefits.

XV. Conclusion

The institution maintains a procedure for participation of students in matters connected to their welfare in the campus and appropriate grievance procedure are in place for suitable redressal.